Before we start working together there are some terms and conditions that you must be well aware of. We do not wish to guide anything from you, which is why we will make sure you are aware of all.

  • We provide trial classes. These trial classes are for you to learn about us and our work. Before Trial Its obligatory to choose a Plan so we can arrange a teacher according to the plan you have choosen Once you have trialed a class, you will be required to choose whether you want to continue with us or not.

  • The deposition of fee is to be done after the trial classes are over. You may choose a plan of your choice and fees must be paid before further classes are scheduled.

  • If you Join us in the middle of the month or in the end we only charge you the classes you take on that month The Fee must be submitted on 1st of every month 

  • You should let us know if you are unable to deposit the fee before the last date. This must be done five days prior the last date of the submission of fee. 

  • If you have missed any class, you should let the tutor know so that an alternative class can be scheduled.

  • If the tutor missed any class, they give you an alternate class 

  • If you notify us beforehand, you do not have to pay for holidays that are a week or longer in duration. Otherwise, you will have to pay the fees in full.

  • The students are not expected to exchange any extra information with their tutor. The academy will not be responsible for any unfortunate incident between the student and the tutor.

  • No alternative classes, or fee refunds are carried out on the Eid holidays. Eid holidays are considered as a paid leave for the tutors.

We reserve the right to bring in changes to our terms and conditions.

Why Hameed Quran Academy?

Hameed Quran Academy offers a unique learning experience for Quranic studies by providing a convenient and accessible platform without the need for additional software or apps. With Hameed Quran Academy, you can simply open the website using any digital device with internet access and start learning at your own pace. Furthermore, the Academy’s administration is committed to ensuring the quality of education. They actively monitor every class to maintain high standards of teaching and to address any concerns that may arise. This dedication to quality assurance helps to create a positive learning environment for students.

Why should I purchase Hameed Quran Academy classroom plan?

High Quality Video streaming

High Quality Audio streaming

Real-time Text chat

Save money: Hameed Quran Academy logs the classroom time you actually use with your tutor,

How Online Classes Work?

We conduct our classes using popular and reliable platforms like Skype and Zoom. These platforms offer a range of features that enhance your learning experience:

Screen Sharing: Our instructors use screen sharing to provide clear, real-time demonstrations and visual explanations, making complex topics easier to grasp.
Audio Calls: For focused discussions and uninterrupted learning, we utilize high-quality audio calls.
Video Calls: Engage in face-to-face interactions with your instructor, creating a more personal and immersive learning environment.

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